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Three Tips To Manage Your Digital Footprint – By Shabana Pathan

For a lot of us it’s shopping season. And for those of us who can’t be bothered with
crowded malls or queues at the register – it’s online shopping season.
But before you spend time loading up your online shopping cart, take a few minutes to
learn a little about things like your digital footprint. When it comes to your online privacy
and identity – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!
Here 10 tips that can help:

  1. Get a better understanding of the issues.
    There’s a lot of information about privacy to take in. Think about the implications of what
    you’re sharing when you sign up for new services, or install new apps.
  2. Develop your ‘basic hygiene” habits.
    Privacy is about context. If you use one email address for home and another for work, or
    one credit card for online shopping and another for everything else – it will help keep
    different parts of your digital footprint separate.
    Be mindful about what you share via social sites and elsewhere, because every selfie,
    retweet, or like is probably more public, and more persistent than you think.
  3. Become a sophisticated user of your online tools and services.
    Browsers, devices and apps are often set to share your personal data out of the box. Take
    a look at the privacy settings and see if you’re comfortable with what the default settings
Prof. Shabana Pathan, Assistant Professor, IT Dept.