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The Importance of Architecture in Video Game Design- By Tejas Bhanarkar

Now that you know a little about what architecture in video game design refers to let us talk about its significance. Without proper gaming architecture, any video game can seem incomplete or uninteresting. However, there are several more aspects that you should know about.

Let us look at them below. 

·        It Creates a Realistic World for Gamers:

Most gamers will tell you that getting immersed in the “unreal” or virtual world of gaming can be an enthralling and exhilarating experience. The ability to step away from the “real world” and be a part of another, make-believe, or fantasy world, where you can interact with the different characters and environment, can be a thrilling experience for most.

·        It Triggers an Emotional Response:

For a lot of gamers, the experience of playing a good game can trigger an emotional response. Say you find yourself walking down the streets of old Rome, only to be confronted by an alien species that has invaded earth. Or maybe, you are the last person standing in a zombie apocalypse and you need to find a way to get out alive.

·        It Helps Players Immerse Themselves in The Gaming World:

We all have a hectic life and busy schedules. Most of us hardly have any time for ourselves, and we are so immersed in the real world that we forget to take some time off to breathe and relax. 

Fortunately, gamers have just the solution to escaping from this humdrum existence. Certain video games offer a completely immersive experience where players can get lost in the mind-numbing hues and shadows, the beautiful gameplay, storyline, and the mesmerizing scenery of the game. 

·        It Leaves a Lasting Impression:

To design a good video game, a game developer needs to tackle several aspects at once. However, all these aspects combine to form a lasting impression in the gamers mind. You will come across several serious gamers who are continually on the quest to find their old favorites. Of course, modern video games use much higher quality graphics, audio and create “better” gameplay compared to the old classics. 

·        It Allows Designers to Use Their Imagination:

Good architecture in video game design isn’t just exciting for gamers but also for designers. It enables the designers and game developers to let their creative juices flow and design some of the most fascinating game universes. 

Tejas Bhanarkar