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The Teacher! – By Neha Singh

According to a Japanese proverb, “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great
teacher.” There’s truth in those words, as anyone who has ever had a great teacher will know!
Teachers can and do change lives every day. They inspire generations of students to think, learn, create,
and accomplish things they never believed they could do. A teacher can be your friend when you need a
shoulder to cry on, a parent when you need support, and a critic when you are going the wrong way.Even
though the significance of teachers in our lives doesn’t need to be told, there are a few parts of our lives
which only teachers can influence.Teachers are not restricted to educational institutions alone. So if
you’ve ever met anyone who touched your life in any of the aforementioned ways, thank Life for
introducing you to a wonderful teacher when you weren’t even looking for one!
The first step to getting the things the way you want is this : Decide what you want!
– Ben Stein
Decisions, Decisions, and Decisions! Probably the single most paramount thing that defines us, makes us
who we are, determines our standing, our challenges and what we are as people. And when we speak
about an examination in wide dimensions like UPSC, they become all the more important. The decisions
can range from something as simple as which books to read or which coaching class to join or which study
circle to be a part of and sometimes to the extent of which policy decision to take and what parameters to
consider making a decision when you are at the post of an officer.
Bottom line there will always be decisions, some to make us feel happy, some ask us a question, some
to challenge us, and some, of course, to baffle us to our wits end. But I guess the process is going to be like
that, it is going to put us to test in multitudes, probably the one thing which decides our chances is how
well we react to those and how quickly we take decisions to encounter them and grow through them. The
process may look like a simple exam from the outset, but the undertones the exams talks about is a variety
in its own end and we all know what we are after. The one decision that binds us all in this site, the one
decision which keeps the fire stoked, THE DREAM!

Prof. Neha Singh, Assistant Professor, IT Dept.