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Say Hii! To Game programming-By Shankar Gadve

Game programming is very rewarding nowadays and it can also be used in advertising and as a teaching tool too. Game development includes mathematics, discrete mathematics, logic, physics, AI, and much more and it can be amazingly fun. Game programming is done in pygame and it is one of the best modules for doing so.

Pygame (Pycharm) is based on Python, the most popular language for introductory computer courses. Python is great for writing out ideas in one long block of code. Beginners start off with a single file and with a single block of code. Before they can get to functions or classes, they start with code that will soon resemble spaghetti. Pygame provides functions for creating programs with GUI. Pygame functions easily take care of things like drawing graphics, playing sounds, handling mouse input, and other items necessary to develop GUI applications.

I personally use the Pygame community edition for game programming. It’s so fun to develop a game on its own. The flow of the Pygame workflow is a fantastic way for beginners to learn game programming at a deeper level. It is straightforward, while also having a fair amount of depth.

“The Game gives you a Purpose.

The Real Game is, to find a Purpose.”

Shankar Gadve, Assistant Professor, IT Department