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Prachi Shende (2020)

Graduate: 2020

Company: Automation Engineer, TechM, Pune

Insights for a Fresher in the Industry

Stepping out as a Graduate Trainee could feel like a lost newbie in a world full of highly intelligent technocrats who possess advanced skills and strong understanding of high-level processes. I am writing this article for the upcoming undergraduate batch of the Information Technology department to help them understand the real-time industry expectations from a Fresher as you will be soon starting that journey.

Below are a few insightful points that I have summoned up from my personal journey when I started as a Fresher.

  1. Joining as a Fresher Trainee at a company requires you to be diligent.

The rigorous training program is meant for you to break the barriers of student mindset and step into a professional and critical thinking work environment. Utilize the training period to adapt to the working culture. The IT industry has no place for spoon-feeding and push-a-lot attitude.

  • It might feel that your existing learning as an undergraduate does not align with the market trends. And it’s pretty normal. After joining a company, give yourself 6 months time to dive deep into the meticulous practices of the company. Understand the business model, the technologies and the expectations from you under the designated role.
  • Developing hard-end technical skill takes time and patience to develop. Make the best out of the training period practices. This period is very crucial in deciding whether or not you can survive the industry. Invest your time in studying and taking hands-on sessions on the technology you are expected to work on. In this process, you will certainly recognize your potential domain of expertise. This recognition is most important when looking out for making a career in IT.
  • In a college setting it is pretty easy to establish a known position in a crowd where all other students are almost of the same intelligence level.  The Industry does not work like that. You need to be at the forefront of your responsibilities. However small or big your tasks are, take an optimized path to complete it. Standing out of the crowd becomes twice as difficult as it is in our university days. But, it is achievable by firstly developing the right attitude and secondly presenting it through your job responsibilities.
  • As a fresher, focus more on getting the most valuable experience on your profile than focusing on the package given to you unless you are an exceptional candidate and capable of bringing a lot more to the table in terms of  development. Accepting an average package is not a bad deal to begin your career into IT. Almost everybody starts small and make it big. Use this Entry Level opportunity as your training for the forthcoming higher roles and indeed higher packages. Right skills are always appreciated in this industry and all you need to do is bridge the industry expectations with your skill set. And you are good to go.

I hope these personal tips helps you kick-starting your journey. All the best!