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‘Importance of Data Analytics’ : By Hrishikesh Ladikar

Alumni Incharge of the Information Technology Department, Prof. Neha Singh had organized an hour long, live webinar on ‘Importance of Data Analytics’ given by  Mr. Hrishikesh Ladikar, Alumni 2019 batch of 15Th August, 2020. This was for all students of the Department. Mr. Ladikar is a Capgemini and Infocepts Convertee and is currently pursuing International Master’s in Business at SDA, Bocconi Asia.The speaker emphasized on the Importance of Data Analytics, Big Data and Data Science, how Data Science and Data Analytics differ from each other,  key requirements for being a Data Analyst, significance of Python Programming Language in Data Science world, R versus Python and the requirements highlighted by a recruiter for the profile of a Data Analyst or Data Scientist. The interaction concluded with a question answer round.