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I-Connect (2019-20)

I-Connect( Industry-Alumni-Academia Forum) for Curricular Gap Identification and Improvement in Teaching Learning system

Event Title :Advisory Board Meeting – I-Connect( Industry-Alumni-Acedemia Forum) for Curricular Gap Identification and Improvement in Teaching Learning system.  
Date  &  Time:7th March, 2020 | 10.00AM to 1.30 PM
Participants: Industry Delegates
1. Mr. Shailesh Awle, HCL, Nagpur
2. Mr. Prakash Kolhe, Director, Cymetrix, Mumbai
3. Mr. Mandar Deo, Managing Director, Trust, Nagpur
4. Mr. Mangesh Mohatkar, Lead Technical Consultant, Perficient, Nagpur
5. Mr. Praveen Ghadale, General Manager, HWI India Ltd.
6. Mr. Rahul Bajait, CEO, Maximess, Nagpur
7. Mr. Rhul Chute, Director, Denowate, Bangalore
8. Mr. Nikhil Wadnerkar, Denowate, Banglore
9. Mr. R.K. Andhare, Director, Arkey Consultant, Nagpur
10. Mr. Aatul Palandurkar, Director, Kloude Encyber, Nagpur
11. Mr. Mahesh Rakheja, Cyber Security Expert, TechIntern, NAgpur
12. Mr. Sanket Joshi, Data Science Expert, USA
13. Mr. Piyush Anjanka, Project Lead, Excellon, Nagpur
14. Mr. Nishikant Chaudhary, Project Lead, Global Logic, Nagpur

IT Alumni
1. Antara Khedkar, Data Analyst, Infocepts, Nagpur
2. Sushil Dhote, Embedded Programmer, Heta DataIn, Nagpur
3. Denis Bhandarkar, Software Development Engineer,Heta DataIn, Nagpur
4. Amit Ninawe, Internet of Things Engineer, Heta DataIn, Nagpur
5. Utkarsh Chinchole, M.tech Student, VNIT, Nagpur
6. Surabha Bidwai, Data Analyst, Zee5, Mumbai (Online mode)
7. Bhushan Dhapodkar, Software Developer, TCS, Nagpur
8. Shubham Rakhade, Salesforce Developer, TCS, Nagpur
ObjectiveCurricular Gap Identification & Gap Filling through Industry/Alumni inputsValidation of Theory/Practical/Tutorials & proposed Autonomy Scheme for ITRevive Industry-Alumni connect
Outcome Achieved1. Total 16 industrial professionals including 08 CEO /Founder/Head of IT companies, 08 Alumni, 12 Departmental faculties and 08 Student co-coordinators attended the Meeting.
2. The panel discussion progressed with agenda of Curricular Gap Identification and Improvement in Teaching Learning system and ended with fruitful input from all panelist -some industrial experts, alumni, 30 student from 2nd , 3rd & 4th year and faculties.
3. Strong Industry-Alumni connect as student & alumni shared their views & discussed their query with industry person.
The I-Connect was culminated with appreciation to all delegates followed by lunch and with inspiration of future endeavour.