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How to become a full-stack developer – By Shubham Bagde

Nowadays, the full stack developers are in high demand in the software development industry. Full-stack developers understand all aspects of the development process including the front end and back end sides of the application. A full-stack developer is a jack of all trades and a highly sought-after job candidate. The title implies a breadth of knowledge that can be invaluable to short-staffed startups and big companies managing complex apps alike.

A full-stack developer is someone who is competent to deal with the technologies behind the entire application stack—that is, the different layers of technologies that make up a modern application. The term is meant to contrast with developers who focus exclusively on an application’s  front end (the UI, usually a website or mobile app) or exclusively on the back end (the business logic that drives the application and the database where the information the application needs is stored).

“A full-stack developer is simply someone who is familiar with all layers in computer software development. These developers aren’t experts at everything; they simply have a functional knowledge and ability to take a concept and turn it into a finished product. Such gurus make building software much easier as they understand how everything works from top to bottom and can anticipate problems accordingly.”

How to become a full-stack developer 

The simplest answer, then, of how to become a full-stack developer is to gain familiarity with a wide range of technologies. There are a variety of sources that will give you advice on the subject, from Web Designer Depot to, well, InfoWorld, but this guide from Coderbyte is fairly exhaustive, and covers:

Beyond these specific technologies, you should familiarize yourself with Git, the omnipresent version-control system, and basic algorithms and data structures of the sort taught in Computer science or in Information technology field.

Apart from the technical skills, a full stack developer should also have a grasp on the following innovation skills:

  • Global thinking
  • Good communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Time management skills

When it comes to hiring a full stack developer or full stack development company, it is crucial that they should understand the following technology stacks that are key to software development:

Full-stack Developers salary

Estimating salaries isn’t an exact science, but the consensus is that full-stack developers pull down a decent wage. Engine Yard pegs the starting salary for full-stack developers at $97,000, and that can go up in expensive markets like the San Francisco Bay Area. Tech Republic estimates the average base salary of a full-stack developer at $111,640, and notes that the number of job ads looking for full-stack developers has tripled since 2014.

“So if the description in this article has intrigued you about becoming a full-stack developer, there’s good news: You can make a pretty good living at it.”

Shubham Bagde , 4th year IT. (2021-22)