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NSS: Covid-19 Awareness Session

The NSS student team, Information Technology Department, along with Prof. Neha Singh, NSS Incharge, had organized an Awareness session on Covid-19. This was delivered by Dr. Nitin Warghane, Director of Shree Dhanwantari Hospital, Nagpur, having 33yrs of rich experience.

The session began with Dr. Warghane sharing information about Covid-19, how the virus spreads and affects human beings, cautions to take for prevention and knowledge of treatment. He gave an analysis of the current situation of the PandemicIndia and a detailed report of the number of cases.

Dr. Warghane also explained the symptoms of Covid-19, the diagnostic process and suggested everyone to self-monitor their health. The session concluded with an open forum where students could raise their queries.

The session was held on 20th September 2020 from 12:00-1:00p.m, for all students of the Department.