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Amazon go: the just walk out technology – By Hemlata Sahu

The leading online shopping king Amazon introduces their new technology with the name
Amazon go. Which changes the way people do the physical store shopping and calling their new
technology as Just walk out technology?
Even though online grocery apps are offering the home delivery services to get the grocery
products from local grocery shops, we would like to do physical store shopping to get the daily
needs. The primary concern with the physical store shopping is standing in line to pay the bill
for the items we would like to purchase.
Physical store shopping could be a bottleneck when we are rushing to attend somewhere and
the bill payment line more than expected. It will be more painful when we were doing physical
store shopping on weekends. To address this issue, Amazon comes with a just walk out
technology Amazon go. How the Amazon Go Started in the Amazon go official page they have
said the idea started four years ago. When the team discussed creating an excellent shopping
experience for the users with no lines and without checkout. The powerful solution is Amazon
Go. Amazon pushes them to use the power of computer vision and machine learning to build
the just walk out technology.

Prof. Hemlata Sahu, Assistant Professor, IT Dept.