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Academic Topper Interaction

Name of eventAcademic Topper Interaction
Date/Time /Venue3rd April ,2024/ 03:15-04:15 pm
Faculty Coordinator: Priti C. Golar

Student Coordinator: Astha Padgelwar
Sanskruti Tatewar
Abhishrut Rokade
Nishant Wailkar
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Prof. Priti Golar
Target audience2nd year IT department
Objectives[1] To share personal academic journey and experiences to inspire and motivate participants.

[2] To provide practical tips, study techniques, and time management strategies for academic success.

[3] To Encourage goal-setting and self-assessment to track academic progress and identify areas for improvement.
Description of eventThe session was conducted on 3 rd April , 2024 between 03:15 to 04:15 pm by the students of 3 rd year IT Department ( Academic toppers ). This collaborative, interactive session aimed to refine the academic success and promote the culture of excellence and mentorship within the institution . This session was initialize by giving the self introduction by the academic toppers ( i.e, by 3 rd year seniors ).

They have shared their Academic journey , inspiring achievements , they motivated us, they guided us and many more. They have cleared all our doubts regarding academics , technical skills. Throughout the session , they have shared valuable tips and strategies for academic success , including effective study techniques , time management skills , and exam preparation methods.

Discussion and one-to-one interaction provided students the opportunity to seek guidance on various academic challenges , enriching their understanding and perspective. Academic performance is an overall achievement based on the results of multiple assessments, such as tests, quizzes, assignments, attendance, and participation. Some outcomes of academic improvement include: Optimizing memory, Building concentration ,Personal vision, Effective study skills ,Enhancing communication ,Making professional presentations, Overcoming stress .They have highlighted the importance of holistic development and mental wellbeing , academic pressure. Encouraging students to priorities selfcare and
extra curricular activities.
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Outcome[1] Students learned practical study techniques, time management skills, and exam
preparation methods.
[2] The session promoted a culture of mentorship and support within the academic
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